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bluebuddha_blogOur Mission Feels Complete. Saying Goodbye.

January 2023 would be the beginning of our 12th year supporting the community with healing arts.

The Blue Buddha will permanently close the doors to our healing space on December 1, 2022.

The end of our third consecutive commercial lease has arrived and I’ve decided it’s time to close this chapter. It feels complete. It feels right.

I began my bodywork adventures in 2004 and ever since, I’ve been holding what I view as sacred space for folks to slow down, reconnect and receive support to move through obstacles. In 2011, I opened The Blue Buddha to serve as a therapeutic and inspired sanctuary for the community and a place for other healing arts practitioners to practice their craft. It meant the world to me. It was my big creation and my great offering.

To every client that set foot in our space, whether your returned for our services or not, we’re grateful for you. For the small group of practitioners that shared space with me over the years, I’m grateful to you. To Damien and Awny who walked with me for so long, you’ve left a forever imprint on my heart with your love and support.

Now, go schedule lots of treatments with Damien and Awny from now until December. They’ll keep their clients posted on the next locations of their adventures.

Thank you San Francisco, for believing in my vision and the value of bodywork and acupuncture. Follow along to see what’s next on my Instagram.
-Erik, Founder/Practitioner, The Blue Buddha, 2011-2022

Don’t sit and wait. Get out there, feel life. Touch the sun and immerse in the sea.”