Introducing…Sara Seinberg-Holistic Health Coach

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Introducing…Sara Seinberg-Holistic Health Coach

Welcome to the first in a series of ten-question style interviews with SF healing arts practitioners and other makers of magic here in the city. The idea is to expose you to people, places and services that can assist you in creating your best life. At The Blue Buddha, we offer massage therapy & bodywork, […]

In the Treatment Room: Living with Kindness

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In the Treatment Room: Living with Kindness

by Erik Everts, Founder/The Blue Buddha   I’m currently reading the book “Living with Kindness; The Buddha’s Teaching on Metta” by Sangharakshita.  I picked up this book on my little excursion to Big Sur over the July 4th weekend. It was my first time there and, of course, it was breathtaking.  One of the foundations […]

Eight Verses for Training the Mind

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I’m not sure where I got this from. I do know that it hangs in front of me in my little home office. It’s been there for so long now, just dangling in front of my face quietly hoping that I would give it more attention. There is the idea of out of sight out […]

The Educated Client: Soft Tissue Healing

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The Soft Tissue Healing and Inflammation Process A simple explanation of what happens when we injure ourselves as described by John Ellis, Tui Na Instructor Stage One, Acute Inflammation-Red, warm, swollen, pain, loss of range of motion and strength What’s Happening: Injury area is being “sealed off”, cleaned up and set up for repair.  This stage […]

The Educated Client: Muscle Imbalances

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The root of the following information is provided by my Therapeutic Shiatsu Mentor, BJ Green (who is nothing short of brilliant) As in life BALANCE is the name of the game. Most Musculoskeletal Conditions show patterns of muscle imbalance. When a client presents with a tight neck, shoulder, mid-back, low back, etc. there is far […]

The Blue Buddha Has Arrived.

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Siri Hanson is accepting appointments beginning Tuesday, March 8. Erik Everts will officially begin seeing clients on Sunday, March 20. Stay tuned to the blog for all updates, news and health & wellness information to inform and inspire written by Erik Everts. Today I am the proud father of a bouncing blue baby Buddha.  :)


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The Blue Buddha was created to honor you and wellness journey. Allow your time with us be sacred.  Reconnect to yourself.


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Ancient traditions, modern modalities and professional experience combine to create truly integrated treatments for you.  We’re dedicated to the transformative power of bodywork.


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Your session is based on your needs and goals without the limitations of a standard menu.  Enter without expectations and give yourself permission to unwind.

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