In the Treatment Room: Living with Kindness

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by Erik Everts, Founder/The Blue Buddha  

I’m currently reading the book “Living with Kindness; The Buddha’s Teaching on Metta” by Sangharakshita.  I picked up this book on my little excursion to Big Sur over the July 4th weekend. It was my first time there and, of course, it was breathtaking.  One of the foundations of The Blue Buddha is this idea of “metta” which can also be referred to as loving kindness. As I was perusing the Henry Miller library (which is a must stop if you are in Bug Sur) book store, this book was calling out to me. I’m just beginning to read it and better understand the concept of metta and how it is intended to be translated and lived. I wanted to share something from one of the first few pages that caused me to sit and reread the page a few times to allow for the words to sink in. It’s inspiring words like these that follow me into the treatment room as I set my intentions for a client session. I encourage clients to take a moment as they approach the treatment room table to bring to the top of their mind words like these or a portion of words like these, no matter how short or long (or perhaps it’s as simple as a word) or where they come from, to inspire the time they are taking for themselves. Through bodywork, the client can create their own healing space. May these words inspire you:

Karaniya Metta Sutra
He who is skilled in his good,
who wishes to attain that state of calm (Nibbana), should act thus:
he should be able, upright, perfectly upright, of noble speech, gentle and humble.

Contented, easily supported, with few duties, of light livelihood,
with senses calm and discreet, not impudent, not greedily attached to families.

He should not pursue the slightest thing for which other wise men might censure him.
May all beings be happy and secure, may their hearts by wholesome!

Whatever living beings there be:  feeble or strong, tall, stout or medium, short,
small or large, without exception; seen or unseen, those dwelling far or near,
those who are born or those who are to be born,
May All Beings Be Happy!

Let none deceive another, nor despise any person whatsoever in any place.
Let him not wish any harm to another our of anger or ill will.