Will I feel better right away?

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You might! Effectiveness and efficiency is one of the best things about MFR. It can make profound and dramatic changes in a very short period of time. Sometimes however, you will feel sore after a session, it may feel like things have gotten worse or a flare up is occurring. This can feel scary and may shake you up. This is good! It means the treatment is working (you DO NOT need to feel sore for MFR to work, it’s simply a possibility) and the tissues are being released. This should go away after a few days, and you should feel much better than you did before the session. Be sure to drink lots of water or herbal teas and take care of yourself, and to discuss it with your therapist.

Releases can range from soft and quiet (no soreness, more subtle signs like breath expression, heat, redness, muscle twitching, sense of being in an “in between” state) to louder and more expressive (various ranges of soreness) and everything on that spectrum.