What is a fascial restriction?

Posted by on Aug 9, 2017 | No Comments

Every movement we make, every trauma we experience affects this connective tissue and causes it to re-structure itself in response. Its job is to help us function most optimally, and as it does so it will toughen up around those places we have either injured or tend to use repetitively. Scars are fascial restrictions. Poor posture over time creates fascial restrictions. Inflammation that is thwarted creates fascial restrictions. Chronic emotional stress creates fascial restrictions. This may help our bodies locally and in the short term, but unless we’ve taken the time to release these restrictions, they will begin pulling on the fascial fabric much like pulling the threads on a sweater. Over time this local toughening and hardening will make our bodies weaker setting us up for injury. The pulling of the fascial fabric sets us up for possible pain and dysfunction down the road in areas that may be some distance from the original trauma or restriction.