What happens during an MFR session?

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The first session usually begins with an evaluation. Your therapist will probably ask you questions about your history, and want to know more about your reasons for seeking treatment, and what your goals are. Then, you will be asked to change into a bathing suit, or shorts for men, and for women shorts and a bra for a postural and movement assessment. Your therapist can glean a lot of information about the condition of your fascial system by looking at your posture and the way you move your body through space. Depending on your situation, your therapist may choose to do other forms of testing ie strength and range of motion testing. Then, the treatment session begins. Your therapist will treat you in those areas that were determined based on the evaluation to be restricted. A MFR session can be done on a treatment table, in a chair, in standing or lying on the floor; there are many techniques designed to treat all areas of the body. Your therapist will tell you what they think is best for you during that particular treatment session. The techniques consist of mostly gentle sustained stretches done by the therapist’s hands. Some techniques are more aggressive, these are called soft tissue mobilization. And, there are two techniques that work with the body’s energetic flow called rebounding and unwinding. These are movement techniques